Ground floor,
Lake House,
Cheltenham College Preparatory School,
Thirlestaine Road,
Cheltenham. GL53 7AB

A map may be seen here.

Access on foot can be had via Clare Place, accessed via Kew Place, off Bath Road.

By car, use the entrance from Thirlestaine Road leading to a car park in front of the main building.   From the car park, proceed on foot following the path to the right of the main building.  After arriving at the rear of that building, proceed through the set of bollards in front of you, whereupon you will be walking alongside Lake House on your right hand side.   Turn the corner to the right at the far corner of Lake House, and you should see a short flight of steps up to the main door of Lake House.   Once inside, the rehearsal room is to the right.

On a normal rehearsal evening, there will be a member of Musica Vera at the venue from about 7.15pm, who will have placed the exterior door in a closed but unlocked position.

Occasionally, owing to the school's commitments, we are unable to rehearse there, and another venue is booked for the evening.  This is usually signalled well in advance, and the changed venue arrangements are also posted on our Facebook site, and by email to choir members.

Of course, on concert days, we normally have a final rehearsal in the afternoon at the concert venue - the times of this are given to members a couple of weeks before each concert.   The conductor is always at pains (a) to limit the rehearsal time on the day by careful scheduling, and (b) to ensure a good interval for relaxation prior to the start of the concert.